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What is E-learning ?

The Internet has become one of the vital ways to make available resources for research and learning for both teachers and students to share and acquire information. Technology-based e-learning encompasses the use of the internet and other important technologies to produce materials for learning, teach learners, and also regulate courses in an organization. Typically, e-learning is conducted on the Internet, where students can access their learning materials online at any place and time.

Why is E-learning important?

  1. It is flexible when issues of time and place are taken into consideration. Every student has…

The goal of this article is to make you understand the basic step performed before any machine learning process. The process of refining data and make it ready enough to make our machine algorithms understand and analyze the data in the required format.

What is Data Preprocessing ?

A generic idea of a typical dataset might feel like some of kind of table with huge number of rows and columns. However. This isn’t the case in most of the real life data. Data comes in numerous formats, such as structured tables, texts, images, audio files and videos.

However machines are…

Teaching machines to understand words and sentiments

What is Natural Language Processing ?

Natural language processing, in short NLP, is a comprehensive field of study in machine learning that deals with teaching the machine to learn patterns from written texts and documents. There are numerous ways that we will discussing in this article through which the computer learns to make assumptions about certain object/ document just by interpreting the associated textual data. Through the help NLP, currently we are able to detect sentiments, find keywords and topic associated with articles, build recommender systems based on textual reviews and so on.

How are machines so smart ?

It isn’t as complicated as it may have sounded in first go. In…

What is Clustering ?

Clustering is the process of assembling a set of observations under different groups based on some similarity criteria. Clustering is very essential in Machine learning since it helps to categorize our data set and helps us to understand our data well without the help of any sort of labeling of data. These algorithms do this by identifying underlying patterns in the feature set. However, different algorithms take different approach towards clustering the data points. The most common and widely used clustering algorithm is K-Means Clustering. …

Understanding and building a custom ML algorithm from scratch in python

Whenever we talk about machine learning models in general, the very first and most simplistic model that comes to our mind is the Linear Regression model. Although its quite simple and easy to understand, it has applications in a wide variety of problem statements. Every data scientist, once in a while, uses this algorithm to solve complex business problems at hand. It is widely popular in the data science community due to its simplicity and effectiveness in real life use cases.

My goal is to make you understand the…

What is Machine Learning ?

The phrase ‘Machine Learning’ roots from two words : ‘Machine’ and ‘Learning’. Learning is the process of acquiring information on how to do certain tasks and improving the performance based on the experience. When this process of learning is performed by a machine by the help of intelligent algorithms, its called machine learning. Although it might seem odd to the first timers, machines can be taught to do certain task similar to humans. With the advancements in scientific research and technology, this process of learning has been made increasingly faster. There has been an increasing…

How good are your assumptions?

Considering the current pandemic scenario, we might want to know whether a certain new drug developed by a pharmaceutical company will be able to reduce the number of active cases in the world. Of course before trying the following drug on a mass scale, the government might be interested in the effectiveness of the drug based on the results from a couple of thousands of test cases.

For example, When testing the new vaccine on a random sample of 2500 previously uninfected people, its found that these people are 70 % less likely to contract to COVID-19 compared to those…

What is a Random Variable ?

As the name suggests, it is a term that associates itself to the concept of randomness and uncertainty. There are numerous such incidents that occur in our day-to-day life whose outcomes are difficult to predict with utmost certainty. For example, while playing a game of basket ball, the certainty with which you put the ball in the basket from the half line depends on your expertise in the game. Similarly, you can’t accurately guess the number of likes you might get in your next Instagram post. …

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Data Science Trainee at Almabetter | Python & ML Expert | Researcher | IISER-K Alumna

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